7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a maid services

Composed by Aaron Gunderson | Updated October 14, 2013

On the off chance that you need assistance keeping up your home, contracting a maid is an incredible arrangement.

Be that as it may, in case you’re uncertain of what your servant should think about your home, here are seven fundamental components of data to give them.

  1. Contact Information and Visitor’s Policy

Mind My House’s agenda for mortgage holders recommends making a data pack that incorporates your housekeeping understanding just as your contact data, crisis infrmation, and guest’s approach. You will likewise need to incorporate notes on which rooms in your house are open or shut to the servant. Also, so as to incorporate a housekeeping understanding, you’ll have to ensure you make one that you both sign and consent to.

  1. Specialized Systems

maid services alarm

Adrienne Breaux, the essayist of the Apartment Therapy article, “House Sitter Tips from an Actual House Sitter,” recommends you show your servant how to get to your link, security frameworks, just as your warming and air.

In the event that they know how your homers, it’ll be simpler for them to fix any specialized issues that may emerge, for example, walking out on. Breaux likewise proposes giving your servant your alert framework secret phrase on the off chance that they inadvertently set your framework off. In the event that you ever end your association with your maid, make a point to quickly change your framework password.

  1. Vehicles

On the off chance that piece of the activity of your servant is to keep up your vehicle, ensure they comprehend how to manage it. On the off chance that you have them vacuum within, a smart thought is to leave the vehicle opened, however not to leave any keys so you don’t need to stress over it being driven without your consent. Train the maid to bolt the vehicle up when they’re set.

  1. Pets


Some portion of your concurrence with your servant ought to incorporate on the off chance that they are to do any work with your pets. On the off chance that they should walk the pooch, clean the litter box, or feed the pets, ensure they know where the rope, sustenance, and cleaning supplies are. On the off chance that the pets are kept in a room you don’t need the maid entering, ensure they realize they shouldn’t go in there or let the pets out.

  1. House Irregularities

Breaux recommends informing your servant regarding your home’s peculiarities, similar to entryways that stick. Telling your servant about the goodies about your home will give them a superior thought of what’s in store when in your home. In the event that you enlighten them concerning the squeak upstairs when the breeze blows early, they won’t need to stress over that being a security issue while they’re in your home.

  1. Pool, Lawn and Plant Maintenance


On the off chance that you need your servant to keep up your yard and pool, ensure the things expected to do as such are prepared for their utilization. Diagram precisely what you need the maid to do with regards to keeping up your yard and pool, just as any indoor plants they’re responsible for watering too.

  1. Give Necessary Keys

Remember to give the servant a key in the event that they will get into your home when you aren’t there. Maids ought to have the option to effortlessly bolt and open your entryways before you leave to guarantee there’s no trouble getting in and out.

Do you have some other guidance for individuals getting ready to have a servant in their home?

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