carpet cleaning , Having our furry friends onboard is one of the best therapies to soothe our emotions when driving. Admit it; your pet loves it especially when the head is out against the wind, as the fresh Singaporean air caress the fleecy face from the outside. Putting the fun aside, apart from the love, loyalty, and the care provided by man’s best friend, you would witness that the energetic wagging tail and undying wet nose kisses have an impact when it comes to hygiene inside your car. 

Given the fact that most of the times, you have your pet inside your car, you need to have proper strategies and techniques to ensure your car seats and carpet remain clean. It might not be easy at first, but with the following quick suggestions, you will learn and discover that there are several options available around you.

1. Break out the rubber
Rubber gloves might sound crazy at first, but trust me. Before I considered this option, I had to practically engage rubber in my research. At first, I thought, “A pair of cleaning glove?” However, once I tried it the result was super. Put the glove on and use it to swipe sections of the affected areas on your car carpet. The loose dog hair will gather forming lumps that are easy to collect or vacuum. Some sources recommended spraying water or a solution of water and fabric softener in the ratio of 7 to 1 before using rubber. This softens the dog hair and makes it easy to clean.

2. Revive the old grooming brush
If it removes hair from the dog, then it probably means that it should remove hair from the carpet. Grab the old brush – preferably dual-sided – and set to clean the carpet making sure enough pressure is applied in a crisscross sweeping motion. The hair bristles will handle the majority of hair, while the wire bristle mesh will take care of the hard-to-get hairs. Although labor-intensive compared to some of the methods, using an old dog grooming brush is effective especially when dealing with spot treatments. 

3. The sticky way out
For the sticky way out option, a lint-roller, packing tape, even duct tape will achieve the purpose. The sticky way out is a quick lint-cleaning solution before we walk out of our houses. Cleaning your car carpet uses the same principle; roll the lint-roller across the carpeting seats and floorboards. 
For the packing and duct tape, wrap around your fingers with the sticky side facing the outside. Press the tape on the carpet to collect the hair, and as the lint gets filled with hair discard the hairy portion and proceed with the fresh piece.

4. Blow up a balloon
The idea behind this is to get a balloon, blow it up, and then rub it along the car carpet and upholstery. The science behind it is that static energy created on the balloon surface should attract the hairs and lift them the moment you place the balloon next to the carpet. Depending on the type of carpet fabric, the effectiveness of the balloon will vary. This technique is worth a try because it has proven to be a quick way of removing most of the dog hair from the carpet.

5. The vacuum solution
A vacuum cleaner is built for this. It is currently the most efficient carpet cleaning approach and the trick here is to use the right one. Just like the balloon, static energy plays a massive role in lifting the hair from the carpet floorboards. Heavy-duty vacuum from a local self-serve car-wash is recommended for more power to ensure the effective result is achieved. 

Prevention is better than cure in terms of carpet cleaning energy and resources. To make things easier, before your pet dives into the car, give the coat a good brushing to remove the loose hairs that end up messing the carpet and seats. Make sure you go for the correct type of brush knowing that different coats call for different brush types. There are several tips to clean your car carpet, but the above suggestions work for almost anyone with a furry friend out there.